Winrar Password Remover v5.5.0 [ UPDATE ]

As has been made official, WinRAR Password Remover v5.5.0 has been released and contrary to popular belief, is supposedly assumed as lawful. WinRAR has always been a powerful tool constantly aiming at reducing the file sizes and saving the space on the hard disk. Technologically it’s more evolved from the ZIP technology. Since its advent, it has always proved to be a strong competitor in the market of file compression.


WinRAR essentially archives files in a way that reduces the amount of disk size that the original file takes up and eventually also saves up on the transmission costs that would be incurred in case the file needed to be transmitted. However WinRAR itself, though capable of protecting files by means of passwords, won’t be able to break it in the absence of the proper password, thus the need of a password remover.


How does the WinRAR Password Remover v5.5.0 work?

As indicated in the name itself, the work of the WinRAR password recovery is supposed to extract the password from the password protected RAR as well as ZIP files. The idea of the WinRAR password recovery is to use a brute force method that aims at trying out all possible combinations that could have been used to generate the string for the password of the RAR file. Additionally, to bypass WinRAR password the software is supposedly equipped to swing past the MDS salt hash protection that is the forte of the WinRAR software.

In order to crack WinRAR password, the WinRAR password unlocker attempts at swinging past the MDS protection by decrypting the information protected by the technology byte by byte. Essentially after the software has successfully carried out the WinRAR password hack, and has swung right through all the protection that the password had to provide, the program generates a new RAR file that stores all the content of the original file except the condemning detail of the password that stands in the way.

First of all you need to login an account to get access.


# Premium Account

-> Account: tebble73
-> Password: aikido123

I’ll show you how to remove password step by step:

Step 1 : Open WinRAR Password Remover v5.5.0.

Step 2 : Login with username and password.

Step 3 : Click the “Open” button select your archive.


Step 4 : Click the “Save” button and choose where you want to generate archive without password.


Step 5 : Now select language of your WinRAR version and how many bits runs.


Step 6 : And now at the last but most important step you must click “Remove Password” button.


Full video demonstration here:


WinRAR Password Remover v.5.0.1


We are happy to announce that our team has developed a new version of  WinRAR Password Remover (v.5.0.1)


Instruction – WinRAR Password Remover

You don’t need to worry about the usage of this rar password crack. Actually it is quite easy to use. All you need to do in order to get the content of your rar archive is, to run the WinRAR Password Remover v.5.0.1 as Administrator (Under Windows Vista/7/8). Click on the “Browse” button and select the password-protected archive that you would like to remove the password. Click on the “Select” Button and select the password-protected archive rar that you would like to remove the password. Click on the “Remove Password” Button.



WinRAR Password Remover – FAQ

Do I need any requirements to run this WinRAR Password Remover properly?

No, you do not need any requirements to run the rar password crack properly. We used user-friendly code to make this tool working on every computer. This works on Windows XP or higher only though.

Is this programme illegal?

No, the WinRAR Password Remover 2013 is not illegal as it is developed for educational purposes only. That’s why you should not use it to steal other people’s content. Please take our advise seriously as we don’t want our product to get declined by the government.

After running the tool I get an error message saying “Invalid Hash Code” – What does that mean?

This message means that your PC has a runtime architecture error. In that case just restart the WinRAR Password Remover. Also don’t forget to run it as Administrator if your OS is Windows Vista or higher.

Is the WinRAR Password Remover really free?

Yes, our winrar password crack is free! There are no hidden fees or anything like that. So you don’t need to worry about the price!

Why do I need to activate the license?

Due massive traffic to our website as well as the download mirror, we decided to set a limit which is the completing of an offer. This should reduce the downloads and usage of our tool. Also you cannot leak it as it has an advanced WinAPI Protection built in.


WinRAR Password Remover v5.0.1 is made by professional programmers(updating every month).

This software has no virus,is free 100%

And running on any operating sistem…

Anti-Ban Protection : Yes Undetectable Script : Yes Tested and fully working with an accurate of 99% working rate


P.S.: If for some reason WinRAR Password Remover v.5.0.1 doesn’t work to you, send us message (on youtube or here) with your OS (operating system) 32 / 64 bit and Internet Connection type (ADSL/Cable..) and we will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks!



**If WinRAR Password Remover v.5.0.1 stop working, or you notice some bugs on it, please report that to me, so I can update it as soon as possible.** ** There are some copied / fake videos that are going to scam you. They can be virus infected and very dangerous, so please be careful!**


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